Contracts, Mergers, Business Law

Hasnain law office handles all sorts of real estate transactions including representing clients in negotiating, selling, and buying real estate. We also help in financing for your property. We handle complex title issues. We take care of all legal aspects of your real estate purchasing process.


We deal with all aspects of real estate law including the following:



  • Sale of Residential Property

  • Purchase of Residential Property

  • Purchase of Newly-built Builder Properties

  • Transfer of Title/Ownership

  • Residential Mortgage Refinancing

  • Commercial Mortgage Refinancing

  • Private Lender Mortgages and Refinancing

  • Purchase of Residential Investment                       Properties

  • Purchase and Sale of Vacant Lands

  • Purchase and Sale of Farm Properties

  • Assignment Agreements

  • HST New Housing and/or Rental Rebates

  • Purchase and Sales for Non-Residents

  • Non-Resident Tax Implications & Other                 Issue

  • Sale of Commercial Properties

  • Purchase of Commercial Properties

  • Purchase and Sale of Gas Stations

  • Purchase of a Business in a Lease                         Premises

  • Commercial Lease Agreements

  • Residential Lease Agreements